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Advanced Systems, Inc. 
          We have locations in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, Dubuque, Mason City and Davenport


General Questions

Q. How do I place a service call ?

A. Service calls can be placed by calling our dispatch team or through our Web site. Please have the serial number and meter reading of your equipment available.

Q. How do I get my meter reading ?

A. You can contact Sherry Klemke our Meter Coordinator at 319-232-6621 (toll 800-274-2047) or email her at sklemke@asiowa.com for assistance.

Q. Why don’t I have a dial tone ?

A. Press the hook switch or lift handset and listen for the dial tone. (Make sure volume is turned on.)

Q. Where do I find the model and serial number on my machine ?

A. The model and serial numbers are located on the bar code label on your machine.

Q. How do I place a supply order ?

A. You can place an order by calling our supply team or through our Web site. Please have the serial number and meter reading of your equipment available.

Q. What is the difference between toner and waste toner ?

A. Toner is something you replace while waste toner usually needs to be replaced by a service technician. However, many of our business color units feature replaceable waste toner containers.

Q. What should I do if I get black lines on my copies ?

A. First lay a clean copy on the glass and if you still get black lines, place a service call. If your copy is clean then you need to clean your slit glass with an alcohol wipe or wet rag. The slit glass is the strip of glass that is separate from your main copy glass.

Q. What does it mean if my machine keeps getting jams or false jams ?

A. Check the blue dial in the paper drawer to see if it is set to the correct paper size. LTR means the paper is sitting in the drawer straight up and down. LTR-R means the paper is lying sideways in the drawer. When these dials are incorrect it can cause the machine to jam or give false jams.

Q. What do I do if my machine says load paper when the paper drawer is full ?

A. Check to make sure there is no paper behind the paper drawer and then power cycle the machine on the control panel first and then with the main power switch on the side toward the back of the machine. You can also check the blue dials in the paper drawer to make sure they are set to the proper paper size.

Toner questions

Q. What is the shelf-life of toner cartridges ?

A. When stored properly, cartridges sealed have a two and a half year shelf life.

Q. How should toner cartridges be stored ?

A. Store cartridges in a dark, cool, and dry place.

Q. How long do toner cartridges last ?

A. Toner cartridges can last between 2,500 and up to 75,000 pages, depending on which cartridge is being used. Extensive use of graphics can reduce the life of the toner cartridge.

Facsimile Questions

Q. Why can’t I send or receive a fax document ?

A. Be sure the telephone line is correctly connected to the fax.

Q. I send images or make copies and they have spots or lines running down them ?

A. Try cleaning the scan glass.

Q. Why can’t I receive a fax ?

A. Check if the 'ANS HOOK UP' or 'MANUAL' light on, and/or check to see if you have sufficient memory available to receive.

Q. Why is the display panel blank ?

A. Check the power switch and see if it’s on, and/or ensure the plug is firmly in the unit and the wall outlet.

Copiers Questions

Q. Why are there black lines on my copies ?

A. Try cleaning the thin sheet of glass on the left side of the machine.

Q. How do I stop copier misfeed’s from the cassette drawer ?

A. Make sure paper size dial is set to proper size and try changing paper.

Q. Why is my machine “dead” ?

A. Make sure all doors on the machine are tightly shut and main power switch is on.

Q. How can I get MSDS information about toner used in my copier ?

A. Call 319-232-6621 or 1-800-274-2048 and ask for Don.

Q. Why does my copier continue to run after copying ?

A. You maybe needing to replace toner soon it is trying to get the last little bit out of the cartridge.

Q. Why do my copies wrinkle ?

A. Try changing paper.